Dr. Rabiah Mayas

My Job and My Interests

At the Museum of Science and Industry, I lead a multidisciplinary team of educators, evaluators, researchers and engineers who develop, implement and measure outcomes of a variety of science education initiatives. My group runs a digital fabrication laboratory (our Fab Lab), conducts evaluation and research studies on science learning programs and exhibit experiences, creates programming to connect youth with STEM professionals, and explores new program models to connect science with art and design.

I am passionate about connecting young people with science in nontraditional ways, experimenting with new models for making science personal and relevant to youth, and supporting science professionals in meaningful engagement with public audiences.

Fun Facts about Me:

  • Has an identical twin sister who’s also a scientist
  • Played rugby in college and graduate school

An Artwork that Inspires Me:

The Mixing Room, an exhibit at the Te Papa Museum in New Zealand, is a collection of artwork and storytelling from diverse refugees. It reminds me that each of us has a story pre-dating our current space and time, and that the journey always matters.